Bruce Miller Wildlife Artist – Birds and mammal wildlife artist, specializing in game species, deer, licensed art, art licensing.Represented by

Bruce Miller was born in Minneapolis in 1952 and showed signs of artistic talent at an early age.

He started painting with acrylics in seventh grade and used them exclusively until 1999 when he began painting with oils.  After high school, he majored in art at St. Cloud State University and expanded his horizons as a world traveler.  He returned to Minnesota to seriously pursue his art career in 1975, experimenting with a variety of genres including portraits, landscape, abstract and surrealism.  Being an avid outdoorsman and Eagle Scout, in 1981 he began painting wildlife.

In 1988 he won his first national contest, Artist of the Year for the Michigan Wildlife Art Festival and since then has become one of the most decorated artists in the country. He made his mark in the wildlife genre by winning the 1993 Federal Duck Stamp Competition with a memorable pair of Canvasback ducks, one of his crowning achievements to-date.  He also won the 1999 Ducks Unlimited International Artist of the Year competition.  His art has also graced numerous hunting and wildlife stamps and has generated millions of dollars for conservation.

Bruce now focuses on oils and paints many scenes featuring various aspects of life on Lake Minnetonka and other large lakes.  From sunsets to sailing, including pastoral landscapes and farm animals to classic wildlife art, he represents a very unique perspective.  Bruce’s originals have been purchased by art buyers and collectors from around North America.  To view Bruce’s licensed art please visit