Jan Martin McGuire – Birds and mammal wildlife artist, specializing in big game species, licensed art, art licensing. Represented by JQLicensing.com  

Jan Martin McGuire is known as an artist and naturalist who paints nature’s diversity.  Born in the foothills of the Rockies in Colorado, she developed an early love of the outdoors, and spent her days climbing trees, catching snakes and drawing animals.  When she was twelve her family  moved to Oklahoma and her parents enrolled her in art classes at the local art museum to encourage her to pursue her calling. She went on to major in fine art at the University of Tulsa.

Since turning professional in 1983, Jan has exclusively depicted the nature and wildlife she hold such a bond with.  She depicts Africa, Rainforest and North American subjects with equal expertise by extensively studying her subject matter.  Jan’s travels have taken her all over North American and to Guatemala, Peru (where she lead a group for the National Zoo upriver on the Amazon), and to Costa Rica.  She is completely hooked on Africa – traveling for ten years to this continent.  She and her photographer husband enjoy sharing their experiences there so much they’ve begun leading groups of artists, collectors and anyone else interested in the natural history of Africa with them.

Jan works in acrylic paint on smooth masonite panels to create the fine details, textures and lighting that are the hallmarks of her work.  Jan’s goal is for the viewer not to feel as if they are viewing a fine painting, but rather, that they are actually seeing and experiencing the scene itself.

Jan’s work has hung in many prestigious venues, including the Smithsonian Museum, London’s Natural History Museum, National Geographic Society and Gilcrease Art Museum.  She has also had her paintings exhibited in the corporate gallery of Forbes Magazine in New York.  Her work is in many private and corporate galleries worldwide and her paintings have appeared in numerous books and magazines.

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