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The last three months of 2021 has certainly been a busy year for JQ Licensing. After having their all time best sales recorded during fourth quarter 2020, JQ licensing is still trying to catch up to the large 2021 custom art demand. Two of the more innovative custom images they have created in the past weeks is a Bigfoot and Owl die-cut puzzle collage for Sunsout Puzzles. JQ has also been focusing on adding some new art talent to its represented artists to help with the demand for new custom images this coming year.

These artists added to our company will be able to supply different genres that JQ Licensing is not normally known for such as fantasy and children’s themed licensed artwork. For those wanting to see thousands of custom developed JQ Licensing designs they can log into our website at www.jqlicensing.com. All of our custom images are located in the JQ Design portfolios along with individual artist portfolios featuring our represented artists images.


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jq licensing custom diecut puzzle collage