Larry Zach Wildlife Artist – Birds and mammal wildlife artist, specializing in trophy deer, turkey, big game species, songbirds and rural wildlife scenes, licensed art, art licensing.. Represented by

Larry Zach’s art is characterized by lifelike scenes and stunningly accurate wildlife. He has created many paintings featuring whitetail deer, turkey, elk, songbirds, waterfowl, and African animals. Observers often remark that paintings trigger memories of past days spent immersed in nature’s glory.  Larry often invests as much, or more, time researching his subjects and planning the composition of a painting as he does laying down brushstrokes. This careful preparation ensures an unparalleled representation of wildlife set in a scene that is both complimentary to the subject and rewarding in its own right, often providing gifts for the careful viewer. Larry’s work is painted with oil and acrylic paints. To view all of Larry Zach’s licensed art please visit