Masterpieces Puzzle adds five new JQ Licensing designs for 2020

November 10, 2020 – JQ Licensing / Masterpieces Puzzle Blog


Adding to the previous successful JQ Licensing Masterpieces Puzzle designs, we have created 5 new custom-designed puzzles for their 2021 collection. Masterpieces licenses the JQ Licensing designs and successfully co-brands with the Audubon and Realtree brands. They created two diecut puzzles, patriotic eagle and black bear along with two songbird designs winter/spring and finally a beautiful collage lake/lodge themed design consisting of JQ’s custom sign designs. The sales of the JQ Licensing custom designs through Masterpieces have been very substantial to date.


“ We saw a substantial increase in puzzle sales from all of our puzzle licensees, including Masterpieces, Cobble Hill, SunsOut, and Ceaco, during the Spring 2020 quarter to-date, due to the Covid-19 epidemic shutdown. Many people who were forced to stay at home appear to have purchased puzzles for a great family activity. This has the potential to inject a considerable amount of new customers both young and old that will continue to enjoy puzzles”. Jon Q Wright, President of JQ Licensing, LLC.

JQ Licensing -Masterpieces puzzle art

JQ Licensing / Masterpieces Puzzle Blog