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Royce B. McClure was born in Tokoroa, New Zealand in 1956. Growing up with parents that were divers, as he is today, Royce had an early desire in life to be a marine biologist. Collecting tropical fish from age 12 was just the start of Royce’s lifelong fascination with the natural and marine world. That love of nature is reflected in his wonderfully creative paintings of colorful frogs, fish and other creatures.

Royce briefly dallied with a career in marketing and advertising before becoming a professional artist at the age of 19. Starting his artistic career working in oils, Royce then followed a career as an airbrush illustrator for the next 15 years.  By this time his marine and wildlife airbrush art had garnered a large following and he was able to retire from commercial illustration and concentrate on painting his bold and bright wildlife images.

As a commercial illustrator Royce focused mainly on technical illustrating but continued to paint marine subjects. Marine images were unusual at the time and it would be many years before this genre took off. Royce says that his time as a commercial illustrator taught him discipline and how to create art specific to a job, along with developing versatility in technique and style as an artist.

It was during his time as a commercial illustrator that Royce started a poster company doing fine art posters. This was the beginnings of Artgame Ltd.  Artgame was named as a reminder that art is just a game and not to be taken too seriously.

After shifting back to New Zealand with his family, Royce continued to heavily attend licensing shows internationally, which he believes are a great way to keep in touch with your customer base and make new contacts. To view all of Royce B. McClure’s licensed art, please go to